Cost versus Value – Photo Booth Rental – Austin, TX

Deciding which photo booth to rent can be tricky! What sort of camera will be used? Will the booth attendant be knowledgeable and professional? Will the booth be durable and large enough for a group of people? Ah – so many factors to consider! You might end up feeling confused and overwhelmed, which is exactly what we do NOT want. What we DO want is for you to have an exceptional photo booth experience from start to finish, resulting in a collection of photos that you’re able to treasure and enjoy for the rest of time! We also want you to get the very best bang for your buck, which is why we provide superior equipment, staff and props!

So, you might be wondering what sets us apart. I’m here to tell you exactly that!

We CARE. We truly care about you, your guests, and the memories that will be captured throughout your event.

Our booth attendants pay attention to EVERYTHING including the organization/variety of props, punctuality, providing an awesome experience for anyone who enters the booth, assuring that the backdrop looks wonderful in your pictures, adjusting the camera settings every time a new guest arrives… I could go on and on!

The quality of our equipment and booth structures are unmatched. All of our booths are sturdy and meticulously assembled on site. We use digital Canon Rebel cameras, which capture incredible quality photos. Each booth includes a 22″ touch screen display, which allows guests to choose between black/white or color pictures. We also have an assortment of backdrops and curtains, which allows you to coordinate your booth with the decor of your event!

Phenomenal pictures!! Each guest will receive a copy of their photo strip as a special keepsake from your event. You will receive digital copies of every single individual picture along with a digital file of each photo strip. We also have an incredible option which includes a locally crafted scrapbook with a copy of each photo strip. Your guests will even have an opportunity to sign beneath their photos at your event! But wait, there’s more! Your guests will also be provided with a card including information to enter a password protected online collection of your event’s pictures, which they can ultimately download for FREE!

Because of these features and many more, it is evident that our photo booths are an exceptional value for the cost. We know that you put A LOT of time, energy, and money into the preparation of your event and we want to assure you that Live Oak Photo Booth really is extraordinary!

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